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Amber & Turquoise
Sterling Silver
Amber necklace 16"-18"
Small Amber Nuggets with
tiny amber rounds in between,
completed with delicate
sterling silver chain
Charm Necklace 20"
Amber and Turquoise
Charm Pendant on 20"
Sterling Silver chain
Long Amber Necklace 24"
Chunky nuggets in the front
smaller in the back, complete
with a decorative Gold Clasp
Amber Necklace 16"-18"
Charm Style with delicate
Sterling Silver chain,
amber slices, rounds,
and reddish amber tubes.
Amber & Turquoise 15"-19"
Charm Bracelet style with
Turquoise nuggets and Amber
Diamonds complete with sterling
silver chain making this a very
adjustable piece!
Amber with Suede 16"-19"
Amber Coins wire linked with
sterling silver completed with
black suede and a sterling silver
clasp with adjuster chain
Amber 16"-18"
Amber slices wire linked in
front completed with
sterling silver chain.
Reddish  Amber
Reddish Amber Chips
wire linked with
sterling silver complete
with a Amber  pendant.
Turquoise Necklace 16"
Turquoise charm style
center with nuggets and
a S hook clasp.
Woven Amber Necklace
Reddish Amber Chips
woven to create this
long, light, necklace.
Amber 16"-18"
Amber wire linked with
sterling silver chain.
Amber Chips 16"-18"
Reddish Amber Chips
Wire Linked in
sections with sterling
Amber & Turquoise 15"-18"
Amber with turquoise on this
Charm Style Necklace with
delicate sterling silver chain.
Turquosie & Swarovski
Austrian Crystals
Adjustable 16"-20"
Amber & Turquoise
Adjustable 16"-22"