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Custom Family Trees
Swarovski Austrian Crystals
or Semi Precious Gemstones
As Birthstones
Small Trees are $45.00
15-20 Branches
Actual Size 1" , 1 1/2"
Large Trees are $55.00
20-30 Branches
Actual Size 1 1/2" ,  2"
To Order your own Family tree pendant please email me
with the birthstones and any preferences you may have.
You may mail me a check or pay over the phone with
Master card or Visa.
Please allow 2 weeks to receive your Tree, there will be a
$4.00 shipping fee, which includes insurance. (price for US
Orders only)
If your family is still growing more branches can be added
in the future.
Trees are also available in single birthstone colors
(ex. all Peridot crystals or Peridot Faceted Gemstones)
Prices below include Birthstones in Swarovski
Austrian Crystals : For  Semi Precious Gemstones
add $2.00 per birth stone
OPTION A:  Depending on family size you may want to represent each family
member with one crystal, there will be some bare branches unless you have a
very large family.

OPTION B:  The other option would be to represent each family member with
multiple crystals to fill in all the tree branches.
Option A        Large Examples
Option B         Large Examples
Peridot- August
NEW NOW IN 14 Kt Gold-Fill
Small $60.00   Large $70.00

Also Available As A Custom Family Tree Pin
Turquoise/Blue Zircon
or Tanzanite December
32 Family members
included all grouped by
individual  families
With a smaller family this style will work, if you have an August
birthday we can change the color of the tree branches.
Option A       Small Examples
Amethyst, Citrine,
Cost of large
tree with 20
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Iliamna Klosno 2009-2013
Garnet - January
Amethyst - February
Crystals vs. Gemstones
Left      vs.   Right